Crazy Tropical Fish Pond (idears)

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Crazy Tropical Fish Pond (idears)

Postby smj » Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:32 pm

OK, i have had tropical fish for about 3 years and have a 4ft tank, when i have been reseraching a new and larger tank i have come across the idea from others about having a large outdoor tropical fish pond.

The pond size will be between 1 and 2000 litres

Here is just a couple of ideas i have so far.

The first problem i can think of is heat during the winter, I would insulate the pond well and provide a cover.
To provide the heat i was thinking of a swimming pool heater, i have seen one for £525 and should be well more than capable of dealing with 2000 litres, with ease. I am hoping that this will help keep the cost down due to it being more that capable.
(ie my own tank gets most of the heat from the lights and the plants etc help hold the heat).

The second problem i can think of is filtration, for this i was going to use a Fluval Fx5 (perhaps 2) and 2 good internal filters.

I might go for a pond filter, but as yet have not researched them and have no understanding, I do believe i may need one with the UV light to prevent the water changing colour.

Another question i have is, if the pond was uncovered, would rain water have an influencing effect on the water chemistery.

Many Thanks Shane,

I know there will proberbly be a million more problems, feel free to list them and i will try and come up with some answers, and then get this project of the ground.
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Postby smj » Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:42 pm

Just seen another pool heater for £69, awsome!

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Postby adam88 » Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:28 pm

Simple. Build a conservatory about a raised pond with glass sides, and lighting mounted on the roof.
Well that's not simply really, but it would be epic.

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Postby Boothros » Tue Sep 25, 2012 8:26 pm

Hi Shane, I have know idea whether this project would work or not but I would love to see the outcome if you go ahead. I'm guessing that you are kinda crazy or quite rich as I can't see it being a cheap project but if your'e successful, I'm sure we'll all want one!
What sort of cover will you be providing? Have you considered the natural elements effects on the water temp or quality? After all we can control the temp of the water in our tanks but if the sun were to beat down on a glass or plastic cover might this not give you very variable temperatures? Also might gasses build up underneath? I have no idea if natural fauna pests such as blanketweed or algaes would form in your tropically heated world but if they were to, what affect might they have on your fish? What are you thinking of stocking? I would imagine unless they were big tropicals they would be hard to catch for quarantine purposes in that expanse of water should the need arise. Also, how easy would they be for you to see? I have some very brightly coloured and quite sizeable fish but it's only in the early mornings now when the sun is at its brightest (if it comes out at all!) that I really get to see them at the moment. Sorry, I havn't studied the equipment you have considered using, but are they suitable for outside use? I'd imagine you will face a few problems, but I'd love to know how you get on! (crazy person! :) )

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