International Betta Congress

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International Betta Congress

Postby Joe Becerra » Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:39 pm

The International Betta Congress is 600 members strong, with chapters in France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and Italy as well as the United States,
Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Each area has a developed show system with close to 70 classes, with points leading to a year-end Grand Champion.

The IBC supports all hobbyists interested in the Genus Betta, and has a website (soon to be expanded) and a Facebook page (International Betta Congress). It publishes a bimonthly magazine called FLARE!. The IBC has set standards for form, color and finnage that are recognized worldwide, and has an international judging certification program.

We have several UK members, and welcome all that are interested in breeding and keeping Bettas to join our organization. Anyone who has specific questions can contact me at

Joe Becerra
President, IBC

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