Questions about Shubunkin.

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Questions about Shubunkin.

Postby CaptianPlanet » Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:00 am

I have a shubunkin.
and can never really find anything online to answer any of my questions.
he's solid yellow with black speckles. most shubunkin that i see in stores and online
all seem to be mostly of a calico nature. but mine has no wgite or red or even blue.
he's about 3 1/2 in. very healthy loves all my other fish.
i have a 30 gallon bow. very overstalked. and completly not fish he should be with.
i have a ten gallon tall tank but i dnt knw how happy he would actually be in there.
and im waiting for the economical chance to get him a tank.
but i havnt had any luck. i cant seem to find anything about tank conditions for a shubunkin,

i keep my tank very clean. regular water changes if not extra. temp a goood happy medium
i have 8 rainbow fish.
5 cory cats.
1 swordtail
4 small gourami's.
5 cherry barbs.
1 minature platy
1 ballon mollly
a fancy goldfish.

i moved and havnt been able to fet up my 10 gal. that i had the smaller fish in. and now im not sure
weatheri want to put them back or put maybe hte rainbows in there.
whatever i can put in theere inorder to make my shubunkin happier.

i mean he honestly schools with my rainbows.
he loves to swim threw the bubbles with my fancy goldfish.
and him and one of my gouramis sleep in the same tunnel together.
and my cherry barbs swim around him.
everyone seems so happy.

so im basically just wondering about how to accomidate him and about his color.
sorry its so long to explain.

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Bob Mehen
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Postby Bob Mehen » Wed Jul 09, 2008 7:25 am

Hello CaptainPlanet.

The first point is as you mention goldfish, of any variety should not be mixed with tropical fish. This means both your shubunkin and the fancy you mention. The higher temperatures in tropical tanks raise their metabolisms to higher than natural rates, often shortening their lives, and also they proportionately produce far more waste than the tropicals often leading to water quality issues. Add to this that a shubunkin can easily grow to 30cm+ and the fancy at least 20cm and they pose a risk to smaller fish as well as growing far too large for their accomodation.

The colouring of your shubunkin is quite normal for the general sort of fish sold under the name in the hobby where basically any speckled patterened goldfish is described as a shubunkin - you're right in thinking that 'true' shubunkins have more of a range of colours in a distinct mix, as well as tail and body shape depending on whether they are 'Bristol', 'London' or 'American' shnbunkins.

We generally recommend that all single tail non-fancy type goldfish have at least 60 litres of tank space per fish, but shubunkins being such large goldfish when mature generally need more and are best in ponds I'm afraid. We also recommend each fancy goldfish has at least 40litres of water.

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Postby CaptianPlanet » Wed Jul 09, 2008 9:33 pm

i might have mentioned or might not that i have an empty 10 gall.
well. i am going ot be upgrading my chiclids from there 30 gall. to a 75 gallon.
and then was hoping to be able to accomidate my shubunkin in there...
would that work ?
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