Stiphodon elegans

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Stiphodon elegans - Golden Neon Goby

Postby kittiwake » Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:02 pm

Common name: Golden Neon Goby
Scientific name: Stiphodon elegans (Steindachner, 1879)
Similar species: S. ornatus, S atropurpureus, S semoni
Synonyms: None
Origin: South East Asia. Stiphodon species are found in large parts of Asia and Oceania but many species have restricted distributions on oceanic islands.
Size: Approx. 5cm / 2 inches.
Diet: Some algae, Aufwachs and other small aquatic invertebrates. In the aquarium eats Pleco wafers, proprietary sinking mini-granules, daphnia, grindal and microworm. Bloodworm can be fed but must be chopped into small pieces to prevent choking. Does not appear to eat prepared vegetable matter.
Water: It enjoys well oxygenated, clean, fast flowing water. pH range: 6.0 – 8.0; dH range: 5 - 19; Subtropical to tropical temperatures 20 – 28°C Amphidromous - adults live in freshwater but thought to live in brackish waters /sea during juvenile period.
Aquarium: Stiphodon species are true gobies in that their pelvic fins are fused and form a sucking disc with which they can cling to stones / glass etc. They enjoy look out posts such as pebbles, rocks and broad-leaved plants.As they are bottom dwellers and poor swimmers they do not need a large aquarium. They can easily be housed in a small aquarium of at least 30cm cube. A large tank footprint is more important than depth. Each goby ideally needs at least a 15 cm x 15 cm area of territory. As they are a burrowing species the substrate should be sand and pebbles or small pieces of slate should be scattered on the surface within each territory so that burrows can be made underneath them. Robust and broad leave plants such as Amazon swords, Cryptocorynes and Anubias are ideal though planting is not essential. Keep in freshwater but may be tolerant of brackish water.
Stocking: A pair of Stiphodon elegans can be kept in a 30 cm cube nano style tank as long as the water parameters are met and good quality water is provided. In a 60 x 30 x 30 cm tank a small group of 4 gobies can be kept but do not overcrowd. They can be territorial with each other though this is mainly in the form or displaying (they will posture towards rivals by bending their body in a stiff curve side on to their opponent) and chasing. No damage is inflicted but if overcrowded, gobies at the bottom of the pecking order will be stressed, fail to feed properly and waste away. They are active during the day and are peaceful to other species. Ideal tankmates are small peaceful shoaling fish such as Danios, White Cloud minnows and other small fish that enjoy similar water conditions. In order to ensure that sufficient food reaches the gobies it is best not to have other competing species that feed from the substrate. Small tropical shrimps such as Neocaridina species are also suitable tank mates.
Habitat: Stiphodon is a species of amphidromous freshwater gobies. They inhabit relatively swift, clear rainforest streams close to the sea. The streams have a rocky and sandy substrate.
Breeding: The male builds a burrow in the sand beneath stones, The female lays eggs on the roof of the burrow where they are fertilised and guarded by the male. The adults live in freshwater but the juveniles may well spend some time at sea. Not known to have bred successfully in the home aquarium. Fry are said to be very small.
Sexing: Females are a light brown gold colour with gold cheeks. Non-breeding males have a grey/blue hue. In breeding condition males take on more neon colours.
Price: Becoming more commonly seen for sale though often confused with other Stiphodon species. About £6 - £8.
Author: Kittiwake

Picture shows mature female
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