neon tetras fighting

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Fairy Nuff
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neon tetras fighting

Postby Fairy Nuff » Mon May 26, 2008 7:03 pm

I've had a really strange problem with my neon tetras. I bought 5 as a shoal a while ago from my LFS which I don't usually have any problems with. The tank they came from looked healthy and all the fish were behaving normally. However when I got them home and put them into my 100L tank the problem started. They started attacking each other! Or perhaps I should correct that to "two of them turned on the other three" It started within the first 48hours or so, and at first I accused in turn each of my other fish (4 platys, gibbiceps, 2 angels). I was getting quite nasty bites out of fins and tails and one died from its injuries. However, the next day I actually watched one of the tetras bite another's tail, and over the next few days I watched them viciously attack each other until I just had ragged edges everywhere.

I checked tank conditions and all the levels were good, pH was a little on the alkaline side for them but would that cause aggression? There are live and plastic plants, bogwood and a stone archway for them to hide in. I rang my LFS and was told that it was unheard of behaviour, and that I should separate them - not very practical when you have one tank and a Q tank - how do you separate a shoal of 5 fish 5 ways into 2 tanks and have them all happy?

I'm just wondering what could have triggered the agression in a usually docile fish? And why only this set of tetras - tetras I've had in the past have never been agressive?

Although this happened a while ago I'm thinking of getting more neons so I want to make sure it won't happen again.

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Postby Lewis » Tue May 27, 2008 6:24 am

Not sure why they would fight full out but they are normally a playful fish. Adding more should disperse the aggression

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Postby spazgirlofdoom » Fri May 30, 2008 6:31 am

I had this problem with my 6 fish, 3 zebra Danios and 3 green fire tetras

only difference was they lived together for 4 months before I had a problem

one Danio chased the others away from the food, ripped at their fins and generally harrassed the tankmates. The two other Danios and one tetra have died in the past week, I asked my LFS and they told me the same thing about "unheard of behavior" but the man did tell me I could bring the aggressor in and they would take him off my hands which is what I'm doing after lunch. I just want to find out why this happened

the Danio has been in a seperate tank since I noticed the problem but the three died none the less

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