Mystus leucophasis, Asian Upside-Down Catfish

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Mystus leucophasis, Asian Upside-Down Catfish

Postby SalmonAfrica » Mon May 18, 2009 3:00 pm

Common name: Asian Upside-Down Catfish, Giant Upside-Down Catfish, Burma Catfish
Scientific name: Mystus leucophasis (Blyth, 1860)
Synonyms: Bagrus leucophasis (Blyth, 1860) Macrones leucophasis (Blyth, 1860)
Origin: South-east Asia – Sitang and Myanmar
Size: 30cm (11 inches)
Diet: Naturally feeds on small creatures – especially invertebrates – in an inverted position under rocks and other submerged objects. Will accept all foods in the aquarium, but ensure that it floats so that they can access their food (this fish won’t eat off the bottom very often).
Water: The water should be acidic to neutral and soft, with temperatures from 24°C to 28 °C.
Aquarium: With the PFK 6-times rule, a tank of 180cm should be provided for long term care, although, because of its rather rash nature, a larger aquarium should be provided, especially in terms of tank width. Provide rocks and pieces of wood in such a way that this species can rest in both an upside-down horizontal and vertical position.
Stocking: Only one of this species per tank, otherwise if more than one is to be kept, use a really large aquarium and keep another tank on hand in case they should start fighting. They can be boisterous to other species but as long as the other fish aren’t timid or smaller than the catfish, no serious issues should occur. Is predatory and will prey on smaller fish.
Habitat: Tropical rivers in South-east Asia.
Breeding: Hasn’t been bred in home aquaria, but is bred commercially.
Sexing: Females are said to be longer and stockier, and males have longer genital papillae
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