New to Marine - Setting Up

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New to Marine - Setting Up

Postby mpward1976 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:40 am

Hi All,

I have been keep tropical fish successfully for many years now and I feel that I am ready for a new adventure into the Marine fish keeping world.

I have done a lot of reading up on it and I can continue to do so but I am getting quite confused now in what equipment I am going to need to make my dive info Marine Fisj keeping a successful one.

I have brought a 2nd hand Fluval Roma 90 fish tank and I am in the process of stripping it all down and giving it a good clean in readiness for my new marine set up.

Now this is what is confusing me. Some marine fish keepers swear by external canister filters and some say that they are not needed in a marine setup and they will just cause more issues than it is worth because of the nitrate build up and with having to clean them out at least once a week? Is this true are they not recommended for a marine setup? My local aquarium store seems to think that they are ? Next we move onto a protein skimmer. My tank is 90litres, will I require one? I have seen a fluval roma 90 setup video online where they used a tank like mine for a marine setup and only had a power head/heater/fluval protein skimmer and live rock and coral to start with. Is that enough?

Also what is worrying me a lot is the need for RO water and having to keep going to my local store for when I want to do a water change. Would the cost in doing this not keep adding up? Is it better that I get an RO unit installed at home?

Lastly the lighting unit that came with my tank is a T8 lighting unit. The original starter unit in the hood must have broken in the past and now an external glo system powered the light unit. Will I need to upgrade the bulbs or convert to an led unit for marine?

Any advice is much appreciated.



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Re: New to Marine - Setting Up

Postby daz4321 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:25 pm

just fish?


fish only with live rock?


full reef tank?

your answer decides the answers to your questions.

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