Columbian Sharkcats successfully acclimatised to full marine

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Columbian Sharkcats successfully acclimatised to full marine

Postby TankedbyGF » Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:56 pm

Hi everyone as a pfk subscriber of many years standing who has progressed from freshwater tropical to marine some years ago I have a question.
I kept the columbian Sharkcats as brackish for a number of years and recently found that they could with care be acclimatised to full marine (various videos on youtube)
Despite conflicting opinions on other forums regarding the age/size of the fish required to make this a success I recently took the plunge with a pair of 4"examples and over an 8.5 hr drip acclimatisation period was successful.They are thriving and living peacefully alongside picasso trigger,foxface,longnose hawkfish,coral beauty,sailfin tang and blue damsels in my 78x24x24 reef.
I am just curious if anyone else in the UK has achieved the same as they are a superb addition to any marine setup yes I know they grow large but thats the idea and providing you have the correct filtration it should not be an issue.
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