Fx 4 in my Roma 240

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Re: Fx 4 in my Roma 240

Postby CantFish » Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:47 am

The smooth bore pipe is because the ribbed pipe Fluval supply is rubbish. Not only will detritus build up in and eventually flow back into your tank, often in large clumps, but as you've seen, it sucks at making a good connection because of the gaps / ribs.

I bought reinforced pipe (looks like a clear hose pipe with bits of cross-crossing string around the middle of the rubber) off of Amazon. I doubt I needed it but it was the same price as ordinary hose and I figured due to the pressure it would last longer.

The 25mm bore pipe goes from the FX connectors (the things that pop on and off during maintainence etc.) to the underside connections in the cabnet.

There's no need to touch anything inside the tank, all these bits on mine are still the originals that came with the tank and were used with the 306 filter. It's the stuff in the cabinet you need to change.

Again Amazon or Screwfix for the worm drive pipe ties, this along with the pfe tape will make a leak free connection, as you tighten them it squeezes the pipe on to the connectors so no water can escape.

Mines been running for a few months now and not a single leak.

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Re: Fx 4 in my Roma 240

Postby bucsrock » Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:05 pm

Thanks!! I think I understand now, I just didn't realize you didn't use the fluval hose to make the in counter connections. I am going to try what I have with the PFE tape I picked up today but if doesn't work I will buy some new hose. However, it sounds like I may be doing that anyway based on your recommendation.

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Re: Fx 4 in my Roma 240

Postby CantFish » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:42 am

See how you get on but I'd recommend the smooth hose. It's more flexible and 'squishy' (technical term :D) so will give a better fit when under pressure from clips or worm drive ties.

One mistake I made was to make the pipes from the under cabinet fixture to the filter too short. It means I have to take the connectors off (to do filter maintainence) inside the cabinet where there isn't much room to play with.

What I'll be doing soon is cutting longer lengths so I can manoeuvre the filter outside of the cabinet when I need to, giving me easier access to the in
And out connectors to clean the filter. At the time it didn't cross my mind.

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