Toxotes chatareus, Largescale Archerfish

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Toxotes chatareus, Largescale Archerfish

Postby SalmonAfrica » Sat Feb 28, 2009 1:52 pm

Common name: Largescale Archerfish, Seven-Spot Archerfish
Scientific name: Toxotes chatareus (Hamilton, 1822)
Synonyms: -
Origin: South-east Asia down to Australia
Size: 40cm (16”)
Diet: In the wild, this fish feeds on insects and smaller surface dwelling fish. True to the archerfish name, it is able to ‘shoot’ down insects from branches above the water, although this species is known to favour jumping over spitting. In captivity it should be fed insects (crickets), frozen food and occasionally dry floating foods.
Water: Hard and alkaline (7.5-8). The water should either be hard and alkaline freshwater or slightly brackish water, with an SG of up to 1.007. Keep the temperature on the upper end of the scale, from around 26C to 30C.
Aquarium: About 1.8m (6 foot), although bigger is better as this is an active species. Some aquarists prefer having a taller tank so that the fish can perform their ‘shooting’ act. This fish is a capable jumper and a lid should be provided.
Stocking: Can be kept alone, although they are much more active and competitive in groups of three or more. If kept in a group, ensure the specimens are roughly the same size, as smaller fish are often picked on. Will eat fish that can fit into their mouths.
Habitat: Relatively calm rivers and creeks below low hanging trees.
Breeding: Not bred in a home aquarium, but they have been bred on fish farms.
Sexing: No external differences.
Price: ??
Author: Tim Smith (SalmonAfrica)


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