Bronze Corydoras fry

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Bronze Corydoras fry

Postby Colsel » Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:50 pm

I took some of my bronze corydoras eggs out of their Rio 125 and put them in a little tank. I now have about 10 little bronze corydoras fry that went from eggs to swimming fry a couple of hours ago. I have ordered some decapsulated brine shrimp eggs that should arrive by Saturday.

How long should I wait before feeding them the decapsulated brine shrimp? They eat their egg sack first?

Should I add a thin layer of sand to the bottom of their little tank?

Should I add an airstone or just change the water every day?

The tank is too small for a heater. Maybe I could float the tank in my Rio 125 or Rio 180? Why is the best temperature for the fry?

How long should I wait before putting them in the Rio 125? Thanks.

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Re: Bronze Corydoras fry

Postby Sjaak » Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:07 pm

Hi Cosel.
When breeding Corys I add one or two drops of Liquifry to the tank twice a day, this is to feed the "Infusoria". The best place to find Infusoria is in the plant bases where there looks to be some "crud" or fuzzy gray/brown clumps. Collect it with a pipette.
The fry will also eat the Liquifry. You need to add the Infusoria and Liquifry NOW to get a culture going.
Decapsulated brine shrimp is a bit big for very young fry, I never use it as I have my own Microworm cultures and I have found the Cory prefer it.

Never use sand with freshly hatched fry or eggs as Cory can get bacterial infections in their bellys, after 8 weeks the baby fish will be ok on very fine sand.

Air Stones are usually essential with eggs and help to keep the water moving and oxygenated for the fry.

Big water changes are essential, and I mean big. As there is no filtration the nitrites will start to spike very rapidly. Ammonia should not be a problem if your water is below pH7.
Buy a good quality Nitrite test kit, JBL if you can get one and keep an eye on those Nitrites.

Wilkos do a 10l plastic tank for about £8 (I use them for my fry) and a 25W heater can be fitted horizontally .

Keep the water depth less than 5-6 inches as Cory fry sometimes need to break surface to gulp some air. If the water is deeper than 6" very small fry can't make it to the top.

Water Temp 23-24C works best for my fry.

I find it best to keep them in a growing on tank until they are two and a half moths old.

I hope I covered everything.

Good luck

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