Sand in a tank??

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Sand in a tank??

Postby Alyshab » Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:59 am

I’m one of my tanks I currently have a koi, 2 goldfish and 3 weatherloach. The koi and goldfish will go in to my pond when it gets warm enough. Then I plan on getting another couple of weather loach and a few fancy goldfish to put in there. I’ve had my weather loach nearly a year now and I’ve always had gravel in the tank, I know weather loach like to bury themselves and I know that’s a lot easier with sand. So my question is.. I have a school(arena) that I ride my horses in at my yard. It’s just sand and whoever built the arena I’m guessing must have grabbed sand from a beach or something as it’s just normal sand with small shells and stuff in. If I cleaned this thoroughly could I use it in my tank?? Thank you!

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