Holes like woodworm in pond liner

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Holes like woodworm in pond liner

Postby SallyC2121 » Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:20 pm

Hi all
I am new to this forum and have searched high and low on the internet to try and find an answer to my problem. A couple of months ago i realised my pond was leaking so i allowed the water to drain to the level i assumed the leak was at and started my search for a hole. I looked all around the water line over and over but found nothing. I left the pond for a while longer (as i was really busy) and went to see if i could locate it again this week. The water was slightly lower, due to hot weather, but i didn't find a hole I found what looks exactly like woodworm holes (how it looks on wood). I have no idea what it can be. I have search and searched but nothing. I called the company i use for my pond equipment (mail order) and they had someone send them photographs of the exact same thing last week - but they too have no idea what it is.
I did re-home some fish in that pond about 2 years ago but they have not had any health issues that i can see. I have another, larger pond on ground situated above this pond (they are not linked) and that appears fine.
The liners are inside a concrete pond structure so nothing is getting to the liner from the ground.
If you can assist in any way it would be great as i have no idea what to do.
I know I will have to replace the liner - and plan to dispose of everything from that pond (except the fish) in case it is contaminated with this 'worm' or 'bug'. I feel it will be necessary to treat the fish with a general treatment if i cant identify what is causing it, just in case they are carrying larvae.
Hoping someone has some information.
Many thanks

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