Swim bladder issues and quarantine tanks.

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Swim bladder issues and quarantine tanks.

Postby Mattnash » Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:07 pm

*If you don't see attached images it is because I'm working on uploading them, apologies.

Hey, IV been having issues recently with my long time (5/6 year old) pond. I have started to notice that the fish are becoming bloated and developing signs of swim bladder, floating uncontrollably and such, IV tried a couple of different methods, 30-40% water change, peas antibiotics, the only thing I haven't tried is a quarantine tank, I'm not sure where to begin with it, I'm sure sizing and maintenance will be fairly simple, my only questions lie on, how to treat the fish while inside.

IV heard that the best way to do it is to warm the tank up, but I'm not sure how much, I'm also not sure on anything like the fishes mental state and how moving them out of the pond will affect their health.

The affected fish are attached below, one of them is a common goldfish, who it's self had previous issues with eating due to its malformed mouth, the other two are some kind of goldfish (shabumpkin???) Mix of which I'm not certain, they two are slightly mis-shapen witch is my own fault for leaving them is such a small pond, attached should be a picture of they're new home that I'm constructing which should hopefully eliminate manyyy issues.

So if there is ANY advice you can give to to help with the swim bladder problem I would be so grateful.

****I'm mostly interested in advice to keep the fish healthly in a separate tank, I plan to keep three quarantined, one large goldfish mix, one smaller goldfish mix and the goldfish that's having trouble staying upright. Any links to helpful websites, products would be a lifesaver as I'm in the middle of exam period so I don't have excess time to research****

-The pond is about 2/ 2 & 1/2 meteres (with and length)
-The fish are Koi, goldfish and some golfish mix, probably why they have so many problems, they're bred to be big, but stuck in a small pond(this should hepefully be temporary)
-The filtration system is a small pump with a 5/6+ litre filtration chamber cleaned regularly
-Some of the fish are pushing 10/12 years
-The temperature is mostly an ambient 9+ degrees??
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Postby fcmf » Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:44 pm

Sorry to read about this and that you haven't had a response yet.

I have no experience of ponds or of transferring fish from ponds into tanks. However, a tank/tub (a Really Useful Box would do the trick) of 80-litre capacity should be alright in the short-term for 1-2 fish while you're treating them, provided that the fish can swim and turn with ease, and it's crucial that you have a filter with some mature media in it (from your pond's filter) to prevent a fish-in cycle occurring in the tank.

When I had goldfish with swimbladder-type problems, I lowered the tank water to just cover the filter but also making sure that the fish were able to move around at all angles eg if foraging on the bottom and therefore in a vertical position. This meant that it was less stressful for them if they were at their worst and floating up like helium balloons or sinking as though a lead weight were in their stomach.

Additionally, I tended to treat the problem in the following stages:
* by diet in the first instance ie decreasing the amount of flake/pellet food and increasing the amount of veg (eg peas with shell off and chopped into small morsels, courgette) and bloodworm; others on here have mentioned spirulina and Repashy Soilent Green as helpful;
* if the above had made no difference after a week or so, a dose of aquarium salt;
* if the above had made no difference after a week or so, either a treatment for bacterial infection or swimbladder

Hope that helps, at least as a "starter for ten".

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