Stocking my new pond

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Stocking my new pond

Postby Neill » Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:36 pm

Hi. Newbie looking for any advice people are willing to offer please.

We are having our pond renovated and relined and planted up (it is currently more of an overgrown bog).
It is about 10m diameter and plan is to have it about 8ft deep in the middle but then a shallower planting shelf around the edge.

We'd like to keep a natural look, weren't planning to have any pump or filter and would prefer not have to add fish food. From what I've read this may be possible if I choose the right types and don't get too many?

My reading is leaning me towards tench and Rudd as possibles. Appreciate any thoughts on those as choices? Anything crying out that I've overlooked?

Also any thoughts on how many to start with, whether to phase more in gradually or introduce as one, whether to get all similar sizes or a selection of different sizes?

Also by the time the work is done, it's filled and planted it will probably be October. Should I wait till the spring to try fish?

Many thanks in advance for any advice

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