Rio 125l ended up as a Cardinal tank

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Re: Rio 125l ended up as a Cardinal tank

Postby Sjaak » Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:58 pm

An apposite paradigm (not me being clever, I heard it on Red Dwarf; appropriate example/theory/model, sounds good though).
We have a business and pretty much all our new clients come to us from-
Recommendations from a friend.
Finding us by an internet search and reading the reviews.
Seeing us on Facebook and reading the reviews.
People want to know that they are going to receive the best possible service. Before they come in to our business they can have seen; who works there, photographs of the staff, the front of our building with our name on a sign twenty odd feet long by nearly 3 feet high, with our very distinctive logo over the double shop front (actually a quadruple shop front). Clients have our phone numbers and Email details. We are in a prime location opposite a Tesco store/petrol station. So that’s us.

Would you take your car for repairs to a garage/mechanic without the recommendation of a friend or looking at reviews online?
Would you employ a builder, based only on a flyer with just a mobile number that was stuffed through your letter box?

Yes, we all see a new butty shop/bakery/chippy that we like the look of and try it out. You may be the first of your friends/colleagues to go there and find the food is fantastic, spread the word about how wonderful the place is to your friends and feel smug/happy about how you were the first to find it.
You could get food poisoning and tell the world about it on social media.

Now to the point, based on the above
Why is it that so many people will post a question on a forum and are willing to take advice from-
People who post anonymously, using an alias.
No phone number or contact detail.
No examples/proof of the experience/knowledge of the advisor.
No re-course if the advice makes their problem worse and kills fish.
Facebook is a little better, well in theory. At least you could be able to find out if the person posting a reply is real and in most cases it could be, but again nothing to base the quality of their solution/answer to a problem posted unless you can see their timeline (or whatever it’s now called), with lots of photos of “happy” fish in healthy, clean tanks. Sorry! Terrible punctuation.

So, who to trust?
Fish shops? No! Unfortunately, it’s the bottom line that counts.
Me? My knowledge of fish keeping starts and stops around ph5.65 and much lower KH free super soft water. With the exception of my half-baked venture into the world of soft water to keep shrimps in.

Again, who to trust?
Trust yourself.
It’s fine to have your own theories. Find something that contradicts with your thinking and try to prove it wrong, and if you can’t prove it wrong consider that it might have some worth.

Posting on this thread makes me think very seriously about my fish keeping. My early posts were a little, errrr, pants(?).
If I mess up I have to and do tell you in this random rambling nonsense. Otherwise it would be pointless posting.

Thank you for reading this thread, just seeing that you do look at it has made me much more coconscious as a fish keeper. I have to get it right or I look like a bigger numpty than I know I am.

Ramble has ended.

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Re: Rio 125l ended up as a Cardinal tank

Postby Sjaak » Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:03 am

I’ve worked out why the Grindal worm are still not doing too well. OOPS! I think I forgot to mention the ongoing problem with them.
I have been starting culture after culture, I get mature Grindal worm then end up with a lot of ¼ sized worm that are not much use as they will not come out of the media that they are growing in. Nothing to collect to feed to the fish just millions of wriggling tiny worm feeding on the cat biscuits.

The media that I keep the Grindal worm in is rehydrated coconut fibre mixed with John Innes seed compost which should be soil based. I used the aforementioned seed compost to sow a second batch of cucumber seeds and all the seeds rotted off. A very close inspection of the compost reveals that it is garbage with at pH3!!!!!!!
Sifting through it, there is all sorts of rubbish in it; fine twigs, plastic, small stones and some sort of mold.
I have rehydrated all the coconut fibre that I have and in the morning I will try to salvage something from the failing cultures in/on it.

While the Grindal worm cultures have been failing, I have ended up having a nightmare feeding the various tanks.
I have my Microworm cultures that I have been feeding to the Adolfo fry in the Egg/Fry tank and to the “live feed” loving fish in the Mosquito Rasbora Tank. The MR tank also gets powdered JBL Gala fish flake.
The Cardinals will only eat Tetra Prima Mini Granules, crushed Hikari Sinking wafers for the Peppered Corys (oh, the male Peppered Cory was just having a bit of a sulk and is back to his usual antisocial self)

Goth tank; crushed Hikari sinking wafers for the Adolfos, but the Tetras will only eat powdered JBL Gala!
The Egg/Fry Tank has to be fed; Liquifry No1 for the “Infusoria” for the freshly hatched fry, Microworm for the bigger fry and a bit of flake for the young Halfbeak!
Rolled oats and frozen blanched spinach for the Lobsters!!!!
And so it goes on for the other tanks, AAAAAAARGH!

For some reason, after being a “short order chef” for some fussy fish I decided to relax by setting up the camera to get some “good” photos of the shrimp.

I wish I was keeping bees instead of fish, at least bees feed themselves for most of the year!

The photos?
The “Happy” Green Neon Tetra ascending, with almost no red colouration and full on Electric Blue stripe made it all worthwhile. They go this colour when they are “larking about”, having fun in the power head outlet flow and are virtually impossible to photograph as they are just too quick.

Feeding time.

Loose egg.

The glass is still not clean.

Who invited him to dinner?

Ever changing colours of Green Neon Tetras.
The Green Neon Tetra photo failed to appear

None rant post for a change.

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Re: Rio 125l ended up as a Cardinal tank

Postby Sjaak » Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:14 am

Let’s see if this works……

“Happy” Green Neon Tetra.

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Re: Rio 125l ended up as a Cardinal tank

Postby Sjaak » Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:15 am

Photo Bucket is being as awkward as Mrs S when she’s on a diet, so no fish related photos of the Cardinal Tank (yawn).

First up;
The young and fry Adolfo Corys are doing great in their temporary home (the Mosquito Rasbora Tank). These extra fish in the tank might be small, but it looks like their addition has dropped the pH a “tad” and this plus a couple of Catappa leaves seems to have got the Mosquito Rasboras putting the Barry White CDs on and getting in the mood. A quick search of the web for how to breed Mosquito Rasboras reveals! The usual forum garbage and a few videos, none of it backed up with photographic evidence or video footage.
My guess is that they need a very low pH. Something around pH4, plenty of tannins, and a rise of temperature to 26/27C, dimmed lighting and lots of live food in the form of Microworm clumps and Grindal Worm (oh, more of this later if I remember). Taking into account the water parameters for the other fish in the tank as the stocking stands, could I have a go at getting the MRs to breed? Yes, all the fish in there could easily cope or rather be perfectly at home in the guessed at water parameters. I have been seeding the MR Tank with algae and “Infusoria” for this reason. Then my brain started to work. How long would probably very small MR eggs last in a tank with Dwarf Anchor Catfish? Not very long at all. Do I have the time to set up a breeding tank? Nope, not now, thanks to Mrs S and her wanting me to go into business with the photography thing (NO, not fish photography, I’m pants at that, but she has hit on a brilliant idea that we have set up and is doing rather well…….. That’s the nail in the coffin of my semi-retirement then!). The point of this is; Watch your fish and your water parameters and make a note of what happened and why, good or bad. If your fish start doing the business, engage brain, grab a note pad and pen and write down everything, including the last water change parameters.

I ordered a couple of Grindal Worm cultures on next day delivery from a trusted fish and live food culture breeder, the Royal Mail/Parcel force/The Post office were supposed to have delivered them on Saturday. The Grindal Worm have not turned up yet (Wednesday), do I think my supplier has failed to dispatch the order? NO! I think that they are somewhere in a Post Office depot, hopefully stinking the place out and putting them off their egg mayo butties!

Hands up time again. My water is too soft for Panda Corys, or rather is too soft with a potential Ph too low for Panda Corys. The 60l Koralux is too small to maintain my water parameters for them. They are not sick, they just do not look “happy”. The original Pandas were fine in the much bigger Goth Tank and in the breeding tanks, but I have decided to let them go and found a new home for them with a great fish keeper who has some KH hardness in his tap water 30 miles away.

The new fish juggling plan is made very complicated by Mrs S’s insistence on keeping the massive female Peppered Cory and her 2 grumpy males. These will go into the ex-Panda Tank with the Glowlights.
She wants to keep the first lot of Adolfo Corys that we bred, they will go into the Juwel Rio 125 to replace the 3 Peppered Corys. We can’t count the number of Cardinals in the Cardinal Tank and I can’t remember how many are in there; 24, 26, 30? There are 6 Green Neon Tetra and 3 Ottos. Adding our first 8 home bred Adolfos will probably see the water drop to Ph4.5-5. The Adolfos will love it, as will the Ottos. The Cardinals? They will colour up very nicely and be as happy as Larry.

Life is odd, very odd.

Just over a year ago Mrs S and I walked into a LFS to buy Pond Sticks for Goldfish, we do not have Goldfish, but we do have a country park near us called The Burrs. Go there early in the day, lob a handful of pond sticks onto the water and watch the Goldfish and Koi that idiots have released in there rise up to the surface and wolf them down. Now we have a house full of fish tanks and happy fish.

A few months ago, I bought a camera to replace my outdated one. Now I have;
loads of cheap Chinese built photographic lighting equipment in a room in our business premises that was let out Ad Hoc and a list of bookings for portrait/pregnancy bump/kids/ funking French Bulldog/Pug things to be photographed and processed. Hence the lack of posts!

What I want to do is………
Put Sjaak Junior to bed have a couple of beers with Mrs S and watch the fish………..
Blur summed it up……
Modern Life Is Rubbish.

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Re: Rio 125l ended up as a Cardinal tank

Postby Sjaak » Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:05 am

I love cleaning Bubbles the Betta’s tank, he seems to enjoy watching me cleaning his tank. I put a hand in his tank, he follows it. I trim the plants, he follows the scissors. I have noticed that re-arranging the plants in his tank keeps him entertained for days, he explores every inch of his territory looking at. I was thinking about giving him some score cards 1-10 so he could pick one up and give me his verdict. He is like a cartoon goldfish in a bowl, when he sees anybody in front of his tank he swims to the front to have a good nosey and show off.
A 22l tank is too small for any fish really, but a Betta will be fine with very regular tank maintenance and tap water that has consistent parameters acceptable to Betta.
Somebody should start a campaign, “Don’t keep goldfish in a bowl, Betta are better in a cube?”
Bubbles the Betta

Proof of life.
Yup, those are very small juvenile Adolfo Corys, behaving just like mature ones now. I am running the tank a little messy for the Infusoria and the next lot of Adolfo fry that will be going in there.
These are definitely going into the Cardinal tank.
And on the subject of the Cardinal Tank.
Everyone that has turned the corner from the kitchen dining room and walked through the arch has gone; WOW/Oh my god/I love…..
At last! After what seems like a thousand years of fish keeping, I will have my “Bucket List”/ perfect Tank;
The £20 Azalia root centrepiece,
A back wall of Amazon Swords,
Water Lettuce on the surface, breaking up the light,
Sand substrate,
Green Neon Tetras “up top”,
Cardinals omnipresent in the bottom 2/3d’s,
Adolfo Corys patrolling the bottom,
Ottos, it’s a thrill to spot them occasionally.
22mm baby Adolfo Corys.

With a mouth this small, Mosquito Rasboras should be perfect with Red Cherry Shrimp?
RCS need soft water at the very least, pH6+ .
Mosquito Rasboras naturally live in KH free water with minimal GH and some levels of tannins. pH5.65 to much lower
Mosquito Rasbora mouth open

Gravid RCS. Pants photo, but it gives a good indication of how many eggs the female carries.

No “Rant” and nothing controversial, I must be going soft. I’ll just add; if you have room to squeeze in a small tank, do it and keep a Betta!

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Re: Rio 125l ended up as a Cardinal tank

Postby Sjaak » Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:55 pm

This morning; 2 dead Adolfo Corys in the Goth Tank and the Panda Corys that were due to be moved on today have white spot!
Tonight 4 Panda Corys died!
I was working from home today, so rather than process photos I tested the water parameters in every tank, with every test kit that I have, and….
Nothing wrong with the water that I could test for. I did a massive 50% water change in both tanks or to put it another way I panicked.
I should have sat down and thought what has changed in these 2 tanks that could have caused a problem.
What has changed in just these 2 tanks?
The food going in to just these 2 tanks. Frozen irradiated daphnia, in addition to the “dry food”. The Cardinals will not eat frozen daphnia, so I did not put any in their tank or in the rest of the tanks as Bubbles the Betta won’t eat it and daphnia is too big for the other fish to eat.

I am “as they say”, “GUTTED”! I thought that I was doing the right thing by giving the fish extra protein, I messed up and fish are dead!

This is why I breed my own live food/protein source in the form of Grindal worm.
Could I be jumping to conclusions that it is the Daphnia that caused the deaths of so many fish in such a short time period in just two fish tanks where it was added?
Make up your own mind.
Frozen daphnia binned and fingers crossed that I don’t find more dead fish in the morning. Warts and all post!
Panda Cory with white spot/Ich.

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Re: Rio 125l ended up as a Cardinal tank

Postby Sjaak » Sun Apr 30, 2017 12:12 am

Well another thing that I got wrong, or it looks like it at the moment.
The Miserable Peppered Corys are miserable no longer! In the 60l Koralux they look like they have won the lottery. Tonight they showed the first signs of breeding; chasing round the tank, getting up close and personal! The female is not gravid, as breeding/courting has only just begun, so if things progress she should have eggs in two or three days! Well unless they go all moody again.
All three Peppered Corys free swimming around the tank and settling on the substrate at the front of the tank! Never seen that before!
Earlier in the mating ritual the fish were resting on their fins, with bolt upright erect dorsal fins (a sure sign that they will be listening to Barry White!), by the time I set up the camera and flash and snagged a couple of pics they just looked knackered (you know what I mean, wink, wink).

Mrs S saw the female on the substrate at the very front of the tank and in her usual Anglo-Saxon yelled “Funk Me, she is Funking Massive”!
She ran out of the room to return with a tape measure, and…….
Yup, she’s funking right! 9.3-9.5cm from mouth to tip of tail. I’ve kept Peppered Corys on and off for 40 ish years, I know how big the females can get, but this female is a monster!

Peppered Corys cost what?
2 or 3 quid a pop?
If these fish had just been discovered and cost £10 each and hard to source would fish keepers buy them?
Of course they would, what else looks as good as them?

Good news, no more dead Corys (YET!)

Post coital chill out and going for a swim photos…..


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Re: Rio 125l ended up as a Cardinal tank

Postby Sjaak » Mon May 01, 2017 12:56 am

Why do people have hobby’s and why do they choose their hobby?
This will get to fish keeping at some point.

Why do I keep the fish that I keep?
I had a very serious think and asked for Mrs S’s opinion, she worked it out, but more of this later.
Why do I love photography?
I had an encounter today and it made me realise why I do!
Mrs S Had Taken Sjaak Junior swimming so I had some time on my hands. I have an ex-pro photographer mentoring me now by email instead of on his forum; His advice is practice, practice, practice, look at the lighting options, work with them or modify them to create the photograph of the image you want to create that is in your mind.
I GET IT! I love the way that lighting brings images to life, creates something different from the norm; reflections, shadows, bold colours or dulcet sepia tones. I love light.

So, for fish keepers; why do they chose their fish (bearing in mind water parameters)?
Guppies; I don’t like them and my water is wrong for them, but I get why people keep the, it’s the colour!
Bettas; Its’s all about the colour!
There are serious fish keeper who only keep silver fish, or brown fish, I get this too. The Goth Tank is seriously sepia, and so many people love it, without knowing why. It’s the lack of bright colour, the different subtle nature of the colour of the fish in tannin stained water and the lighting all make it very different.

Now to Tropical Marine Aquariums. I have been asked why I don’t keep Tropical marines and until today I had not realised why. Getting straight to the point. There is nothing subtle enough about them from what I have seen to interest me; Too bold colours, too little movement, not enough subtlety, boring lighting with no shady spots or contrast, Too in your face for me.

Back to Fresh water tropical fish. People create wonderful aquariums for very soft water fish with no plants, some sort of driftwood and dried leaves. Water so tannin stained that it can be hard to see the fish. But when you see the fish that thrive in these waters and the colours that the fish display the overall effect is stunning. I get it and I love it; subtle, contrast and lighting. If that makes sense.
I could never do a tank like the above, I do not have the vision (?) to see how I would create something so different and wonderful.

So, what brought on the random thoughts in this post?
I was doing what my photographic mentor told me to do, while Mrs S was taking Sjaak Junior swimming. Practice, practice, practice, with my camera at Bury Lido. Using the available light to photograph ducks! I have no interest in ducks or geese, but brain fully engaged and focused on the subject and getting it right. The result…………
A whole bunch of totally none shabby photos of ducks and geese in some well/differently lit photographs. Or put it another way, “WOW”, was the only thing to come out of Mrs S’s mouth when she saw the final processed photos.

So back to the point of why fish keepers choose their fish and their aquarium set up? It’s because it looks good in their eyes. Whether it looks good to anybody else is purely subjective.

I talked about his with Mrs S, the fish that we have chosen and how we have ended up with tanks that look like they do.
With a waft of her hand she told me that I was OCD and obsessed with keeping lots of the same species of fish in one tank. That got no argument from me as I detest dolly mixture “community tanks” more than I detest fish keepers claiming to have created a “Biotope” tank.

Back to the hobby thing.
While practicing photography at Bury Lido an 86-year-old chap wandered over to me and started talking about photography. I know he was 86 years old as he told me at least 10 times. He is a member of a couple of photographic groups that he attends on a weekly basis. He told me about his vast collection of cameras and lenses. And his new £5000 Canon camera. He waffled on for what seemed like a lifetime about constant f stop prime lenses (What? Jargon!). When I finally managed to get a word in I asked him if he had taken any photos at The Lido. No was his answer. “So, what do you like to photograph”? I asked.
“Nothing, I took some photos of the great grandchildren at Christmas” he said.

Full colour Cardinals fed a couple of hours before this photo was taken and their poop/plant food is all over the substrate.

It’s all going on in the Glowlight and Peppered Cory Tank; The Glowlights are gravid and looking very chunky.

And the difference between mature male and female Glowlights is….

The Red Azalia Root has brought out the colour of the Cardinals.

Very long random ramble off and don’t blame me for wasting your time with this nonsense, nobody forced you to read it!

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Re: Rio 125l ended up as a Cardinal tank

Postby Sjaak » Tue May 02, 2017 12:46 am

Serious fish keeping.
You know that feeling when you look at a tank, it looks right but not quite right. The fish are sort of OK but not quite as happy as they could be. I have had this feeling with the Goth Tank for a few weeks now. The fish are not ill, the 2 Adolfos died probably due to the frozen Daphnia. The rest of the fish don’t have clamped fins, Ich or any colour loss; BUT their fins are never fully erect, the male Black Phantom Tetras have stopped their fighting displays and all the fish move into the plants if anybody approaches the tank. Not quite right.

Synchronicity; a few days ago I was wondering if I could ask my friend that is in the water/legionella testing business to send off a few water samples from the Goth Tank to be lab tested. Then the phone rang. He wants to know if I can go take some photos of a system that he has inspected.
Job done, I turn up at his office a stone’s throw from our business, upload the photos to his PC and hand him half a dozen water samples from the Goth Tank. Not very long after I get a phone call from him.
“It’s your DOCs (Dissolved Organic Carbon), are you keeping your fish in a septic tank, or bog water? All the other figures are fine”!

Dissolved organic carbon is not usually a big problem in soft water tanks; sometimes it can lower the pH, add tannins and usually create a “tea stained” effect. DOCs are great for fish breeding, they simulate the end of the tropical Dry Season when certain fish are living in a reduced volume of water with rotting plants and wood.

More synchronicity.
I brought a “clean” water butt home from my allotment shed (don’t ask, it’s not exactly a normal shed and attached to a 20 foot greenhouse). I had the idea of filling a used but clean water butt with tap water in the probably never to be finished fish room. I wanted to see how long it would take for the water company’s pH elevating treatment to dissipate if I squirted CO2 gas into it via an air stone on day one. A couple of heaters lobbed into the water butt to keep it at the magical 24C and three days later it looked like a stable pH5.6 ish at a guess.

Here we go; It’s a bank holiday Monday, Mrs S and Sjaak Junior contracted something nasty while swimming (you don’t want to know, or Oh My GOD!).
I have nothing better to do than sort out the Goth Tank, so I set about it.
A full strip down with fish in and careful syphoning!
The Bogwood removed; It is covered in a thick layer of “mud like” sludge. My guess, bacteria has been breaking down the wood in the same way as bacteria turns horse poop and straw into wonderful humus rich compost in my allotment compost bin. This is what is creating the DOCs and turning the water brown.

A very ill looking Mrs S sits down next to the tank and points out that the Amazon Swords have outgrown the tank and are getting “scorched” by the tube lights above the water. She has also noticed the lack of free swimming space in the Goth Tank and suggests that the plants should be hard up against the back of the tank and the Bogwood should be further back in the tank, to give more open water, like in the Cardinal Tank. She wants the Anubias on a rock removed to make the front third of the tank plant free for end to end swimming. A back wall of Amazon Swords, then the thoroughly cleaned genuine Bogwood right back next to the plants. Off to Abyss Aquatic Warehouse it is then…….

At Abyss, I select 4 new Amazon Sword plants to replace the old ones, then I spot something different! “Flame Moss” in a little tub. I also spotted the Crinum Calamistratum plants and resisted paying out £10 a pop for them!

Long story short again…..
An 80% water change with water at the same pH, all the old plants removed and replaced with smaller ones up against the back wall. The thoroughly scrubbed Bogwood squeezed back against the new plants. The tank transformed in a day!

Too much for the fish to cope with?
NO! In the wild a torrential wet season Tropical cloud burst would transform tannin/DOC/sub pH5.65 water into much clearer fresh water.

I don’t want to get all preachy, but there is no such thing as a Biotope tank, a fish’s environment changes seasonally.

What do the fish make of their clearer sludge free water?
Mrs S had a good look through the side of the tank while I had a look from the front and………
From not exactly right/ nothing seriously wrong to WOW!

Photobucket died as I was uploading the full frontal tank photos, so it’s close up photos of fish only pics.

At last clear enough water to snag some photos of almost 5cm Black Neon Tetras. Yes, they grow that big given the right conditions.

Flame moss?

The water is still a little tannin stained, so the photos are a little yellow (no Photshoped pictures)

Mature Black Neon Tetra female has about the same body depth as a mature female Black Phantom Tetra.

Two black Phantom Tetra males wanting to breed following a female (she has red fins).

Black Neon Tetras Have teeth?

Black Neon Tetras shoal up (that’s half of the shoal).

Male Adolfo Cory, the much larger female is in the background.

The skull is now covered with “Flame Moss” whatever that is!

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Re: Rio 125l ended up as a Cardinal tank

Postby Sjaak » Thu May 11, 2017 11:07 pm

Sorry about the lack of posts. Mrs S booked 11 one hour sessions of studio work for me. 1 hour of photography takes me 1-3 hours to process or to put it another way; a lot of late nights on the PC!
Her enthusiasm has been curbed and the bookings reduced.

The only “new” thing tank-wise is that the 7 biggest young Adolfo Corys have been moved into the Cardinal Tank. The “Bucket List” Tank begins; Cardinal Tetras, Green Neon Tetras, Adolfo Corys and Ottos. Now what do all these fish have in common?
Cardinals pH3.0-?
Green Neon Tetras pH3.0-?
Adolfo Corys pH4.0-?
Ottos pH3.0-? (Yes that low, I knew someone who bred them, I think I mentioned it and there is some video footage of Ottos in the wild where the water was tested at pH3).
Here is the plan-
Add the next7(?) young Adolfo Corys to the Tank when big enough and let them all grow to mature size, then check the pH. I’m aiming for a tank at pH4, so if possible add another (up to) 6 Green Neon Tetras and check the pH.
Overstock the tank to the point where the carbonic acid released by the fish keeps the tank at a maximum low pH4, when tested in the morning and lights out. The Juwel Rio 125 filter can handle this load easily. From memory I have run tanks at pH4 before, and 30% water changes with tap water that has been chemically treated by the water company to pH6.5 (ish) has a negligible effect on the tank pH.
I have given this some serious thinking! Plants will only grow as fast as they are naturally capable of, there will be a serious amount of carbon in the tank (Carbonic acid) and if the plants don’t need it the algae will take advantage of it. To combat the algae I will continue to use the tank blackout to reduce the daylight hours and leave more water lettuce up top to reduce the light and eat up the carbon.
Of course, I could create a low pH tank by making it into a “Blackwater tank”, but then the plants would suffer. pH4 Is pH4 as long as it is created by using methods that the fish can cope with. “Blackwater” is created using DOCs, Dissolved Organic Carbon (it’s the carbon again). Adding Catappa leaves and other carbon rich organic matter in the form of tannins has exactly the same effect on the pH as overstocking, it is carbon related. I’ve mentioned this before, but all the “low pH causes the bacterial filtration to stop working” was all cause by well-meaning fish keepers lowering the pH of their tanks using products containing sulfuric or nitric acid. Sulphates BAD, Nitrites BAD!
OOPS, gone all preachy again.

The overstocking. I will be keeping a very close eye on the Cardinal tank as it gets overstocked over the next few months. Corys usually do well in larger groups, Cardinal Tetras need to be in larger groups than 20 to thrive. I will definitely up the numbers of Green Neon Tetras before increasing the Cardinal population. The Ottos? Mrs S spots one of them and without fail says “have you seen the size of the Ottos” and points to a very fat and not very often seen seriously chunky fish.

No more fish have died after binning the frozen Daphnia!
The Grindal Worm are coming back on line, with a little help, but that’s for another post.

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