What the (insert expletive here) is this?

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What the (insert expletive here) is this?

Postby agfoxx » Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:39 pm

Hi all, I need advice.
I've never done a fishless cycle before.
I've started doing one about a week ago, and then I had to go away on an urgent work trip, so there was nobody at home to carry on with all the ammonia/etc fun.
Today I came back from my trip, - and found this (see pix).
One is the surface of the water; the other pic shows what happens if you stir the water around a bit.
The water stinks to high heaven.
I presume this is bacterial?
If not, what on earth could this be?
Tests are all fine, with zero NO3 or NO2, and 0.5 ammonia - but with ammonia I would expect that - I haven't added ammonia since Monday because of that work trip, and I think what was there would have been processed by now.
Again, I've never done a fishless cycle before. So I am new to this particular process of starting a new tank.
I'm having really trouble with this one, - in the past, I've never really had any issues starting a new tank! So frustrating.
Thank you, hive mind!
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Re: What the (insert expletive here) is this?

Postby pterygoplichthys » Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:33 pm

It looks bacterial, but the way it's static on the surface looks like there is insufficient agitation of the water surface from the filter. I would do a large water change, syphoning the slime out at the same time, refill with dechlorinated water and then make sure the filter outlet is positioned to cause surface rippling before testing and redosing ammonia..

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