New MTS ill/dying/dead

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New MTS ill/dying/dead

Postby Kibz » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:21 am

Hi there,
I got a group of MTS delivered and put them into a new (though cycled for 2-3 weeks) tank. First night they seemed grand, started burrowing and moving about.. now about 5 days later I think some are dead and some look as though they have a bubble attached to their shell which I know is their lungs/body from inside the shell and isn't right but I have no idea what to do to fix or should I remove and just continue cycling for a bit longer before adding fish/snails to the tank?
Any advice appreciated.

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Re: New MTS ill/dying/dead

Postby daz4321 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:45 pm

In order to save valuable time, when asking for help please provide as much information as possible, asking for help without providing the information below will severely limit the help you will receive.
We will need to know as much about the following as possible:

Water quality: (* essential)

Tank details:
Tank Inhabitants (numbers, sizes ect)
How long the tank has been set up:
Frequency and amount of routine water changes:
What you feed , how much and how often:
Water conditioner used:
New fish or plants added to the tank? Were they quarantined:
Medications used:
Describe the problems you are seeing:

Filtration details:
Type of filter (external, internal, under gravel).
Maintenance details:
Media used:

Finally, a photo would be great.

If we don't have the information we are less likely to be able to help.

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