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Default Sick Platy, Velvet???

Hi there,
I have 5 Platys, and for the last couple of days I think a couple have become ill. Its my 2 white ones!!! They both started swimming on the top, and when I came home today, one is still on the top, and the other is hiding behind a plant at the bottom.
The one on the top I think has velvet (is that what it is called???). It seems to have some fluffy stuff round its mouth, and what looks like a bit of skin hanging off. It looks like it is trying to get air fomr the top all the time.
Ive water checked, and everything is normal, except the GH is at the top of the scale (180+), could this be doing anything???? Some of the fish recently had white spot, which i have treated them for, and it seems to have gone, could this be an after affect, or should a get some velvet treatment.
Please help, thanks.

Its a 64ltr tank with 3 neons, 5 glowfish, 5 platys and 2 catfish.
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