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Default HUGE lump on my black moor's tail

Hello All,

First time on this forum and I would be overjoyed with some advice about my beloved black Moor. He developed a small lump on his tail two weeks ago which has grown daily, yesterday it seemed to burst which I was hoping to be the end of it. However not, it has healed over slightly and it seems bigger today!
He's fine in himself, eating and seems happy. I gave him antibiotics yesterday.

I've attached a video which I hope may help. I'm desperate, talked to the local aquarium people who couldn't help. Next step may be the vet, however don't imagine I'll get much help there either.

My fingers are crossed.


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That looks like Lympho (Lymphocystis) to me. It's viral, there is no cure.
The virus will probably run it's course and the growth will fall off leaving a scar within a few weeks. There is no guarantee that it won't occur again, it looks ugly but it's nothing to worry about unless it's on the mouth, where it can effect feeding, or gills, where it can effect respiration.
Keep the water absolutely prestine to prevent secondary infections.

Good Luck

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What is your water quality like Sinead? Do you have readings for ammonia and nitrite?
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Jay is spot on, it is lympho. As stated it will drop off without treatment and the fish should develop some immunity to further outbreaks unless it is under stress from poor water quality or something.
Any new fish added to the tank will also be at risk of catching it if they haven't been exposed to the virus before.
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Thank you all for your replys.

Unfortunately I don't have any water readings, I don't know why his water would be too bad, I do regular water changes, the sponges in his filter are left alone, I vacuum the gravel etc..

Well there is one thing, the tank that he is in the "aqua 40" (i assumed it would be 40 litres!!, I'm not great at measurements) is only 27 litres and too small for him. I got a 38 litre tank this week and set it up to cycle, so hopefully this lump will be gone by the time the new tank is ready.

He's very well in himself, as cheeky as ever, I just hope that he isn't suffering too much until his upgrade, and fingers crossed the cycling of the tank goes well

I'm very grateful for everyone's help
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Miss Pennyapple
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Hi, your 38L tank is still way too small I'm afraid. Fancy goldfish need 40L PER FISH. How many fish do you have?
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First time on this forum, I have two Black Moors and one of them has had a growing lump on the tail very similar to the one you showed in the video, but has had it for two years. It has been stable up to now, but starting to grow. The fish are in a 30 gallon tank, by themselves with good filtration and aeration and both about 4-5 inches long and 3-4 years old now. Any advice, just looks like a tumour and does not seem to bother the fish? Water quality is good, just had it tested at local pet store as well.

Any help advice appreciated.

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