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12th August 2007, 13:31
Hi All,

Just wondering why my some female guppy is floating near the top...? Its mouth seems to be permenantly open, something I have noticed today, was away yesterday evening.

Its swims fines, but its looks quite sorry for something.

Any ideas?

EDIT _ Guppy is now 5 cms above the gravel... again just hovering...

12th August 2007, 16:55
Okay, an update...

Me guppy has gone. It started shimmiying, and then floated to the top, though it would recover as it started to swim as normal. Then I saw the Danio (the boss) chase it, and i think attcked it.

Having a spot of bad luck really...

Dont know how to prevent this from happening, lost two of my new neons yesterday night, (within 24 hours of purchasing)

Water is fine

AM - 0
NI -0
NA 20
PH - 7.6

12th August 2007, 17:04
Oh no! Do you think the new neons could have brought something nasty along with them?
Stick in some meds just in case?

12th August 2007, 17:11
What would you recommend? I only have whitespot medicine.

I'll pick it up tomorrow (wish we had a 24 hour fish store, for such emergencies, like chemists!)

12th August 2007, 17:13
Hi Hemel, you've had more than a spot of bad luck with fish losses recently, you must be a bit fed up by now.

I don't know about your Guppy, particularly as your water parameters are ok. Could the water temp have risen too high? (It's been quite sunny here today).

Hope things improve for you soon. I think I will go to my lfs tomorrow as it's my day off and buy a couple of fish to replace some of the ones I lost to WS. Fingers crossed.

12th August 2007, 17:17
Hard to say without knowing what the actual problem is, but ESHA2000 will deal with anything bacteria-related.

Box says "wide range action, treats over 18 symptoms and disease orgainsms, treats a wide range of fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections, helps heal wounds and protects the skin layer"

I don't know about the "mouth-open" symptoms the guppy had though... anyone else out there with any ideas?

12th August 2007, 17:18
Good Luck ,

I am more curious as I have been really paitent since treating for WS.

I used the FINTRO, from maident head aquactics to accimatise them, my therometer readings are fine, they stay consistant all the time...

Just a bit confused really, more than anything.

Anyway, What you going to get jules?

12th August 2007, 17:22
Yeah, i used the fintro last time I added a fishy - not sure I was all that impressed to be honest... it seemed to fill up a lot quicker than I'd expected and the whole thing was over in less time than I'd have taken if I was doing it manually

12th August 2007, 17:25
mine takes about 40 mins to submerge>

12th August 2007, 17:27
mine was way quicker than that - wonder if I got a dodgy one then

12th August 2007, 17:31
Perhaps. Though I know what you mean, it can be done with minimal effort with out it...

I also bought an electrical gravel pump - what a load of ****! Wasted £15 + Batteries!

Went back to the trusted syphon!

12th August 2007, 17:33
I was tempted by one of those too, but got dragged out of the shop by the husband muttering something about me having more money than sense!

12th August 2007, 17:35
Well, I certainly dont have a bottomless supply of money, and it seems I have thrown away some... Wish I checked it out on here to see what the forum users thought of it first...!!!

I'm such an impulse buyer! Sometimes I get it right, mostly not though!

12th August 2007, 17:36
Well, I'm planning on getting Black Phantom Tetra again. I like them and from the research I have done, they will suit my water pH and temp. You may recall that I was advised here that they are not the easiest of Tetras to keep, but I reckon my mistake last time was to add too many new fish at once.

Of course what I plan to do, and what I actualy do when I get to the shop are not always the same, lol.

12th August 2007, 17:37
LOL - Yes I know exactly what you mean... go in determined to only get what you went in for!

12th August 2007, 17:38
What's wrong with the battery gravel cleaners then :confused:

12th August 2007, 17:40
It didnt work jules,

I so tried... it took the water out up, but not strong enough to suck the debris.

12th August 2007, 17:55
Oh, OK. I'll stick with the syphon then, unless I get the chance to try a battery one before I part with any of my hard-earned cash. Perhaps some makes are better than others? I'm using sand substrate, and I wouldn't have thought fish poo was very heavy, lol. I have a job getting the manual syphon started sometimes.

12th August 2007, 18:05
Me too, I now just clasp the end of the tube and take a deep breath in... and then point the tube in the bucket... near miss today, some water shot to my eye, though slightly protected with my glasses!

12th August 2007, 18:59
I have a job getting the manual siphon started sometimes.

Just fold all the pipe into the tank and make sure there's no air left in it, clamp your thumb over the exit end and release it once the pipe is over the bucket, siphoning for the squeamish :) :)

Bridget Perkin
12th August 2007, 19:48
One of my platys is "mouth open" at the moment and has been for a few days. I've used eSHa 2000. I can start syphoning through a fairly wide tube with a plastic icing syringe.

12th August 2007, 19:50
Good tips!

12th August 2007, 20:02
i had a problem once when all my fish were gasping at the top of the tank. i asked the forum though and a few different reasons were suggested.
- i had a new hood which could have leaked superglue fumes in to the tank, so i took it off and waited for the smell to go.
- my lid was too airtight, so i drilled loads of holes in it.
- whitespot treatment, don't know what you can do about that though.
- not enough oxygen - so i put an airpump in.
i don't know which was the cause or the solution but it was ok after a few days and amazingly no fish were lost. i thought some of them were going to be permanently brain damaged though - they were swimming vertically for about a week.

Bridget Perkin
12th August 2007, 20:05
It's just the one fish, so no general problem.

12th August 2007, 20:20
thats good, it worries me when just one fish is poorly, waiting for the rest to follow suit. sure they won't though.

13th August 2007, 18:13
Just come home to another Neon dead ( this time it was one of my existing ones, not the ones I had bought last week friday!) I'm beginning to think .. could they be attacked by my rowdy Danio or Gourami?

13th August 2007, 18:57
How many neons you got left Hemel? Any chance of getting them into isolation for a short while? ( food grade tupperware and a bit of your filter sponge would do for short term quarantine).

Bridget Perkin
13th August 2007, 19:03
Does anyone know what the open mouth thing is? My platy is moving around the tank now, but gives the impression he can't close his mouth.

13th August 2007, 19:35
I have three neons again... bought three last Friday.... I dont think I can do the tupperware thing... my filter is not the same as most - complety different!

13th August 2007, 20:26
I forgot about that, easycrystal cartridge isn't it, and teeny little bio sponge. I would think it unlikely that they are being attacked though. Sadly I've been recently warned about neons being a bit sensitive these days, but as your water parameters are good I'm a bit stumped. The lfs you got them from is close enough to be using the same water supplier I presume?

13th August 2007, 20:27
Have you considered going cardinal instead of neon? I can vouch for their hardiness and they are only a little bit bigger

13th August 2007, 20:37
Its about 5ish miles away - though a different water supplier? Theirs is East Surrey Water supply and mine is Thames Water.?

13th August 2007, 20:39
The other thing is I got 2 False Neon Tetra's and now only one Neon tetra - there is a difference in colouring and size. The false neons have more of the blue green along its body and smaller in size. The neon has the half body red bit and slightly bigger,

I'll try and post a pic soon!

13th August 2007, 22:01
worth comparing the two water supply's maybe, you may find that something is different enough to make them more susceptible to infection, although as you took your time to acclimatise them I can't imagine what else you could have done better. Sorry, I'm not being very helpful really am I, just finding this quite a puzzle and it must be very frustrating for you not knowing what's going on. Much sympathy for you!

26th August 2007, 08:04
I would strongly look at my danio i had to relocate my giant danios because they were over stressing my guppy's they are now in with my common plec golden plec blind cave fish clown loaches

as for neon tetras would not waste time or money on them neon tetra disease

26th August 2007, 09:56
Cheers for that, I'll steer clear of the neons as I lost another 3 since this post (after purchasing them!)

As for the danio, I am not looking to replace them and have no guppies at the moment either!